West African Fish ltd. has already participated in many CSR activities, and made multiple donations, with the purpose of becoming an integral part of the development in Ghana, and the Asikuma region.


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  • Built a school building with 3 classrooms and imported tables and chairs for the children. All this to secure that the kids can go to school, and get better education than previously available.
  • Rebuilt the marketplace in Asikuma and placed our outlet for fresh Tilapia in the market, making it a lot more attractive for other retailers to sell their products at the marketplace. This has led to the marketplace being a lot more active in other fields as well.
  • Constructed a 30 meter deep well at the marketplace, providing clean water for all in Asikuma every day.
  • Built a 7-kilometer long road from Asikuma to our site at Lake Volta. This is also helping other farmers tremendously, with transport of trees and vegetables.
  • Donated free consultancy, fish food and net cages to the Water Research Institute in Ghana, to help promoting the aqua cultural industry in the country.


For production of tilapia fillets and frozen tilapia for both local consumption and export alike. Overall, West African Fish ltd. has had a large, positive, impact on the economic growth in the Asikuma area of Ghana so far. We are looking to expand our business in Ghana, while still having a great amount of respect for our employees and the environment in the sector, being the most environmentally friendly aqua cultural farm in all of Africa.